Welcome to Mountain Grille Food Truck

Welcome to Mountain Grille Food Truck

Welcome to Mountain Grille Food TruckWelcome to Mountain Grille Food TruckWelcome to Mountain Grille Food Truck


Starting January 27th 2020 we will be at the Vinton Farmers Market most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Check below for the times.  You can walk up and order but if you don't want to come out in the weather call DoorDash or Grubhub and let us bring it to you!

Here are the places we know Mountain Grille will be located

Come out and see us!

Feb 2020

24th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

25th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

26th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

28th - Pre-Veterinarian Club   8:00pm-9:30pm

             Duckpond Road Lot

Duck Pond Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA

March 2020

2nd-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

2nd-Parkway Brewing   5-8

3rd-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

3rd-Parkway Brewing   5-8

4th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

4th-Parkway Brewing    5-9

5th-Parkway Brewing    5-9

6th-Parkway Brewing    5-10

7th-Parkway Brewing    2-10

8th-Parkway Brewing    2-8

9th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

10th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

11th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

11-14 - Twin Creeks Brewing

12th - Private Party

16th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

17th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

18th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

19th-Catawba Hosp  10:30-1:30

30th-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

31st-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

April 2020

1st-Vinton Farmers Market 10:30-2:30

2nd-VT Corp Research Kraft Dr 1130-1:30

4th-Botetourt Extravaganza YMCA 10-1

4th-Freedom Fest Buchanan 11-6

8th-11th- Twin Creeks Brewing

16th-Catawba Hosp  10:30-1:30

18th-Christiansburg Primary School -240 Betty Dr 11-3

18th-Moonshine Heritage Festival -Crazy Horse Marina  12-5

25th-Rollin on the River Food Truck Rodeo - Bisset Park  11-5

28th-Carter  11-2

30th-VT Corp Research - Kraft Dr 11:30-1:30

May 2020

1st - First Fridays Downtown  5-9

2nd- Rke Mustang Club - Magic City Ford 9-3

4th-10th - Parkway Brewing

7th-Daleville Party at the Pavilion  5-9

8th-Salem After 5    5-9

9th-Third Thursday Shawsville 5-9

13th-16th - Twin Creeks Brewing Vinton

14th-VT Corp Research - Kraft Dr 11:30-1:30

15th First Fridays Downtown  5-9

18th Private Event

19th-Carter     11-2

21st-Private Event

22nd-Sweet Donkey Coffee-2108 Broadway Ave SW   5:30-10

23rd-Spartan Kids Race - Greenhill Park  9-3

23rd-Daleville Summer Concert 5-9

28th- Daleville Party at the Pavilion  5-9

29th- Rockin Main St Christiansburg 6-9

30th-Private Event